Hey peeps!
I hope your week has been going well so far and that you’ve had time to do things that are important to you. Many of you have been asking how do I always have energy to workout and eat healthy. I believe that when you first see the results of the job you’ve done for your body, you start to feel addiction to it. Here are some points that are motivating me daily.


  • MUSIC. I can’t even think about starting my day without good music. When I wake up I usually start doing my morning routines listening to some positive songs. While training I usually listen to songs that are bringing me good vibes. So next time, when you don’t feel like training, try to put on your earphones and listen to some of your favourite playlists.
  • NEW GYM CLOTHES. It’s funny, but whenever I buy some new clothes, I’ve realised that my energy level is much higher during the training than with the same old clothes that I’ve worn a hundred times already. 😀
  • SET YOUR GOALS. Whether it is something about your body (abs, smaller fat%,) or you just want to reach some new maximum results. If you set your goals, keep it realistic. It’s great to set big goals, but a clever drop in weight, for example 0.5 kg per week, is already enough. You should also keep in mind that everything takes time. So be patient and have trust in the progress.
  • REWARD YOURSELF. At this point it does not mean junk food or a huge cheat meal. Find some other ways to reward yourself. It might be new training clothes, new protein powder or just taking yourself to a massage therapist.



Love, Erna xo