Be ready for this information!

Hey all sweet people over here! I have recently got so many questions about my trainings.

How often do I train and what I’m usually doing while having leg day?

Ofcourse it all depends on how I feel myself about that week, before even thinking about going to training sessions. Because you need to feel good and strong before even thinking  going to gym. Make sure you eat well before working out as well!

  1. I usually train 5-6 times per week
  2. Which 2-3 times are for legs
  3. 1 time for the whole body workout
  4. 1-2 times morning Cardio before brekkie
  5. I train only when I feel myself  100% good!

During the leg Training:

  1. I use rubber band for the warming up gluteus and activate them. Check out my Instagram -> ernahusko, to see my favourite kind of exercises for this!
  2.  One session lasts 1h-1.30h.
  3.  Using almost every time Smith machine and doing many different kind of variations of squats.( Sumo, one leg squat, wider squats etc.) Usually doing 4×10 reps and adding more weight after each rep.
  4.  During leg day, I keep doing only 4-5 different kind of exercises, to keep the quality up and to stay concentrated enough.
  5. At the end I do 10-15 min Cardio, to burn the fat stores. 😉
  6. Always listening to music to concentrate more. It feels amazing how much music can affect to your mood and energy levels! Check out my post about music that is motivating me daily!

My transformation 2015 vs 2017 summer. Set your goals and be ready for the new challenges. You can do it!


Follow my Instagram account -> Ernahusko  to be the first one who will always see my training videos! I try to post weekly one video at least! So keep your eyes open! Remember to give yourself resting days as well, those are very important for your development! 😉



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”Train like a beast, and feel your unstoppable power.”


Love, Erna xo