What is Fitcard and how to use it?

Different trainings are not only good for your body BUT for the whole mind. Because comprehensive well-being consists of several factors and training is one of them, it is VERY IMPORTANT to work with your body  differently.  Whether we are talking about training at the gym or doing dance classes. In fact, I like to spend my week on doing different activities for example; gym, running, figure skate or dance. VARIATION IS EVERYTHING. Because you’ll get much more out of it, and get better results for your body. And so on you can do  ALL THIS with using only ONE APPLICATION.

What is this application and where can it be used? This app’s name is FITCARD. It’s currently valid only in Finland, so I warmly recommend all over the Gulf of Finland to benefit from this unique application.  It’s amazing that training has its own application just like Netflix and Spotify music. Versatile training is now possible in the world’s easiest way.



” One application, many different options for moving! You can, for example, choose between yoga, dance, climbing, ice hockey or traditional gym. ”


Do  this:

  1. Download FitCard to your phone (App Store / Google Play).
    2. Register for free.
  2. Buy your chosen month of exercise (from only 5 € / one-time). You can also buy packages for example 10 times / 50 €.
  3. Book your desired sport lessons or go straight to the hall and use one-time visits. The selections include yoga, baseball, climbing or hockey games for lovers of track sports. It`s  all up to you!
  4. The trainings you’ve bought are valid for 30 days.


The benefits of FitCard above all are because it is, inexpensive, versatile, easy to use and a great to get in touch with your friends!  Have fun and enjoy your new variety of trainings!

You can get to FitCard’s website here.

*Cooperated with Fitcard.


Love, Erna xo